Movie Review: Cowboy

Caesar is a hunky cowboy

from Blue Blake.
(9 out of 10 rating)

Some Men are Just Born Bad Cowboy…a man with the body of a god and a soul of the devil. Cowboy…a man who will do ANYTHING to fulfill his twisted desires. There has never been a porn star like Caesar, and there has never been a movie like Cowboy

The decription of the movie, Cowboy, doesn’t give justice to this fantastic movie I saw awhile ago. The scene in the bathroom was the hottest for me in this video. I instantly came while I watched it. I actually came 3 times for this movie so this is a must see movie! I found it exclusively at GlobalGayClub in their Pay-Per-View section. Check out the cock sucking action and be amazed at the length and muscles on Caesar.

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