Sexy Young Studs – Review

Studs taking lots of cum
Sexy Young Studs

from Bacchus.
(9 out of 10 rating)

I’ve been watching a lot of movies recently because I just signed up to a Pay Per View gay site. I recently just finished watching a movie called “Sexy Young Studs” and there are some sexy twinks to view here! I’m a very cute and sexy twink so I know when I see another hot twink! Some of these guys in the movie really know how to fuck! When these guys suck cock they really suck cock anywhere! These guys are experts at sucking hard cocks! I really enjoyed the action in this movie. I was turned on by the closeups of them fucking in the ass and blowjobs! This is one of those movies I would recommend to my friends! Watch some free clips here to see what you will see in the full movie!

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Camp Twink – Review

Twink sex at camp YMAC

from YMAC Dvd
(6 out of 10 rating)

Watch as these camp counselors teach the arts and crafts of fucking and sucking. Make sure you check out the Twink buttboy orgy in this pre-condom classic!

I watched this one when I was hungry for twink dicks! This guy I met in a local bar had a copy at his place so we started watching it. The boys in this video are very hot! I wanted to see more and more of these guys throughout the video. It’s not disappointing but I think it could have been better. Some of the scenes were fantastic especially watching guys cum over and over again. I love that! So this movie has a lot of good stuff but I was looking for more. Check it out if you like good looking twinks!

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High Definition Gay Porn

I was looking up some porn videos that I want to see in the future and I read an article in a magazine about Raging stallion will be making movies in HD! This is exciting news for all gay porn lovers! I have a big screen tv and the best dvd system I can get. I am sure once I get my hands on these movies I will be so happy! From some of the reports I have seen the look of these new films are amazing! This format will show every little detail on screen. I can’t wait and I’ll report back here if I read anything else!

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Movie Review: Cowboy

Caesar is a hunky cowboy

from Blue Blake.
(9 out of 10 rating)

Some Men are Just Born Bad Cowboy…a man with the body of a god and a soul of the devil. Cowboy…a man who will do ANYTHING to fulfill his twisted desires. There has never been a porn star like Caesar, and there has never been a movie like Cowboy

The decription of the movie, Cowboy, doesn’t give justice to this fantastic movie I saw awhile ago. The scene in the bathroom was the hottest for me in this video. I instantly came while I watched it. I actually came 3 times for this movie so this is a must see movie! I found it exclusively at GlobalGayClub in their Pay-Per-View section. Check out the cock sucking action and be amazed at the length and muscles on Caesar.

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